Polaris 850 Camo

Polaris 850 Camo

Conquer all kinds of terrain with the Polaris Sportsman 850!

Outfitted with Polaris Pursuit Camo, kids will love the look of this Special High Performance 24 Volt ATV. The Polaris Sportsman 850 Camo and Lime can hold up to two children and includes our patented Red Line Nitrile Traction wheels with rear shock-absorbing suspension, for a smooth ride on even the most rugged terrain. This large all-terrain vehicle travels at a brisk 3 ½ and 7 mph and is equipped with a SmartPedal variable accelerator and automatic brakes for control and longer riding time.
Parents will love the second speed lockout that prevents beginning drivers from traveling at 7 mph, and the rear flip-up backrest for the second rider.

Keep the fun going with the included 24 Volt rechargeable battery and charger. The Polaris Sportsman 850 Camo and Lime are both Made in the USA in our Fort Wayne, Indiana factory using domestic and global components. Includes free second year warranty extension with consumer participation.


    High Performance Special High Performance Rechargeable Battery Powered ATV
    Camo Outfitted with Polaris’s signature Pursuit Camo, which gives the Sportsman 850 a fun and aggressive look.
    Super Power Powered with a 24 Volt battery, the Polaris Sportsman 850 can travel two speeds: 3.5 and 7 mph, plus reverse.
    Reverse Switches easily to reverse mode, just like the real deal.
    SmartPedal SmartPedal Technology allows for increased riding time by including a variable speed accelerator and automatic brakes. An extra 27% can be added to riding time with SmartPedal Technology.
    Traction Wheels Super traction wheels with Red Line Nitirile traction bands; designed to perform like real ATV tires
    Suspension This super-powered vehicle has rear wheel shock-absorbing suspension for taking on any terrain challenge.
    Add a Friend Add a second passenger to this super-power vehicle and use the flip-up rear seat back to keep them comfortable.
    The Look Luggage racks at the front and rear of the Sportsman 850 give an aggressive and realistic look.
    Safety The gear shifter has a top speed lockout, so parents can make sure beginning drivers don't travel too fast.
    Weight Capacity Can hold up to 150 lbs.
    Ages 5 - 10 years.
    Extended Warranty Free 2nd year Warranty extension with consumer participation.
    Made in USA Made in Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Specification Value
    Height 30"
    Width 32.5"
    Length 52"
    Weight 77.5 lbs
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